www.Njuifile.net – How To File An Unemployment Benefits Claim Online

For many reasons, claiming your unemployment insurance (UI) benefits online in New Jersey should be the preferred way. You can also claim your benefits by calling the relevant agency on telephone after every two weeks. The telephone is definitely not as convenient as the internet option available at www.njuifile.net. It is advisable to claim your benefits on the internet as you can do that every week on Sunday. That makes it possible for you to receive your benefits at the earliest time possible on the following Tuesday. If you would like to start claiming your unemployment benefits on the internet, it is definitely important to fully understand the instructions you would need to follow to do it correctly.

Online application for your unemployment benefits is available by visiting www.njuifile.net. You can do this regardless of whether you filed your claim on the internet or the phone. If you filed the claim by telephone, remember to provide the PIN you selected as it is required when claiming benefits online. If you had filed the claim online, you will be able to choose your PIN the first time you claim benefits online. The PIN should remain your secret to avoid another person using it improperly. Any improper payments that may result from the use of your PIN will become your responsibility.

The first date for claiming your benefits online should be on a Wednesday but thereafter you can make other claims every week. It is your responsibility to make sure you continue claiming your unemployment benefits every week and in a timely manner. The best time to do that is every Sunday between 8 am to 5 pm. You can also do that from Mondays to Fridays between 7 am to 6 pm, or Saturdays between 8 am to 5 pm. All the times indicated are based on Eastern Time and include holidays as well.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits whether you claim them  online at www.njuifile.net, by telephone or any other way must follow the law. The Unemployment Compensation Law in the state of New Jersey applies to all the available methods of claiming benefits, so only specific instructions will vary for each method. You should request or claim benefits every week you need them as long as you continue to meet all eligibility requirements. These include physically being able to work, remaining available to start work immediately, actively seeking and documenting search for suitable work, being able to work on full-time basis if that is what happened for your base period.

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